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MSA eLicence

 Please note that the 2021 elicence has been discontinued. In order to purchase the 2022 elicence make sure the 2021 elicence is removed from your cart and click buy licence again to add the 2022 elicence to your cart. Thank you for being patient with us!

Sim racing is taking the world by storm. A new generation of talent is being developed and discovered. Not only is sim racing a new form of grassroots motorsport, but it is also taking its place alongside real life motorsport offering competitive racing, ease of access, and an abundance of up and coming talent and competition.

The MSA eLicence is your access to Motorsport SA sanctioned sim racing championships and events.

About MSA Esports:

MSA Esports has a focus on building and developing up-and-coming motorsport talent using Sim Racing as a tool to provide access to top-level racing at a fraction of the cost. This will allow potential talent, who have no access to real life motorsport, the chance to participate in a competitive, safe, and easy to access motorsport environment.